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Craig Morgan
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Reviewed By Andrea Comparato

Craig Morgan brings us to a better time in the history of America. Descriptive situations of his childhood, family life and ways God shined light on him through the years, opens the reader's hearts and eyes to the important things, and brings the focus on God--because He ultimately was the root of all good in Craig Morgan's life.

Reading this places you back to a simple time and reveals how Craig's talents were so obvious that he was able to hit the Country charts without any modern technology or social media. Though wisdom, faith, prayer, patience, and learning what not to do through the mistakes of others, Craig Morgan gained momentum in his career, family, and life. This man is more than just a guy that sings, and his story is more than music.

From childhood to military service, medals of honor, to mission trips, to celebrity meets, The Grand Ole Opry, and even encounters with a wolf--through it all, Craig remains close to God, family and country.

Inscriptions Books recommends this book! #NetGalley  #GodFamilyCountry 



Carey Scott

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Reviewed By Andrea Comparato

Sweet book with pretty flowers on each page. The style of this book makes it easy to read, and the thoughts are nice, but not 100% accurate with the meanings in the bible. 

Although this is a great feel-good book, if you are looking reality, this is not the place to go.  Nevertheless, She was Blessed makes it sound like you are special just because you were born, and that anything you do is accepted by God, when the bible states clearly that you have to live for God, live righteously, include him in all your actions, have faith in Him, and follow the rules of God in every moment. In order to be forgiven, you have to ask through prayer, repent, change your ways, and completely and live for God in all ways with complete faith, or your future will hold unpleasant warnings to show you are not on the right track.  

This is a sweet book that is recommended for someone who has deep knowledge of the bible, but not as a guide for a new-coming Christian.  Great motivational read if you need a quick pick me up, but don't take her verse translations completely to heart unless you are already truly living a christian life.  Not everyone is a child of God, and although we can become children of God, it takes more than just a light-hearted book--it takes a life long commitment to God and his laws of life. 

I recommend for light-hearted words, not life advice. #NetGalley #Neverthelessshewasblessed


See the Good

Zach Windahl

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Reviewed By Andrea Comparato

Zach Windahl came off in the first few pages as sort of arrogant and self-centered.  Maybe it was just me.  

HOWEVER--as I kept reading, I felt he did that to get our attention.  See the Good takes society's negative misconceptions of the world and pulls out positivity in every situation.  As my first impression of Zach was negative, I kept reading and began seeing the positive.  Although he seemed to idolize a man because he could cook, I tried to get past some things that went against my personal beliefs.  By the end of this book, I enjoyed getting to know his opinions and he has a way of opening your eyes to the positive side of life.  

Although I don't agree with all of his thoughts, I still respect the fact that he is trying to spread the word of God through his story.

Slow start, but overall good read.  
I recommend this for anyone who needs to find good in a seemingly bad world. #NetGalley #SeeTheGood


Big Trouble Ahead

Allen Jackson


Reviewed By Andrea Comparato

Take a bathroom break, get in your cozy clothes, take one last bathroom trip and get nestled in--you won't want to put this down!  

Pastor Allen Jackson uses real life situations from the past, and present to prepare us for the future.  Big Touble Ahead is a meld of biblical readings and real-life happenings, with analyzed  meanings and reasons behind America's constant decline. 

In the midst of the troubles, Jackson teaches us how we can survive these unpleasant times by creating a Christian lifestyle.  Pure facts, and not lectures open the reader to a brighter future and bring light to an otherwise dark path. 

If you dread the future and want a plan on how to face it, this is the book to read.  Big Touble Ahead is a perfect blend of biblical facts, lessons from past tragedies. and preparation techniques,  This is a great read for anyone who wants a guide to how imperfect humans can turn their future into an endless eternity with God. 

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The Care and Keeping of Grandmas

Jennifer Mook-Sang   Yong Ling Kang


Reviewed By Inscriptions Books

The Care & Keeping of Grandmas is a cute book with more pictures than words.  
The story is definitely aimed at pre-school-aged children (and younger), as it is very simple and short. 
Cute watercolor-style illustrations are abundant.
The story concept is cute, as it can be relatable for children who have a grandmother living with them. 
Unique, cute concept. 
Limited word count would normally make this type of book an easy reader, but large words make this a read-to me book instead.
Overall, this is a cute, quick read for parents of little kids. 
I recommend this for parents to read to children under 5. 

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Quiet-Time Prayers for a Girl's Heart

Hilary Bernstein


Quiet-Time Prayers for a Girl's Heart by Hilary Bernstein is a very well written book for kids and teens.  The book states it is for girls, but honestly, the advice given within can be read and used daily by any reader.  

Hilary takes specific verses from the Bible and creates a small mini-prayer.  Combining a bible verse with a mini-prayer relates the reader's current life to God, and brings the Bible into easy to understand light.  

The fun font that was used to create the headings, in addition to the quirky, hand-drawn floral sketches give this book a child-like and teen feel.  The writing style, fun font, and easy to understand information truly brings the young reader closer to God, and does so in a way that is inviting and appealing to the eye.  

Some children, and even adults have trouble opening their mind to the grammatical height of the bible, but Hilary Bernstein solves this dilemma. 

Inscriptions Books recommends Quiet-Time Prayers for a Girl's Heart as an important resource for bringing more youth closer to living God's way. 

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Worry Less, Pray More

Donna Maltese


Donna Maltese follows the same format as a lot of the other devotionals I have read--pretty floral pages, containing a bible verse and a blurb below it, stating how this verse will help their day/life.  

Although the format may match others, this one is a one of the better devotionals I have seen.  Many other devotionals pretend everyone is instantly forgiven, no matter the acts, or lack of faith and prayer--just because you were born.  Worry Less, Pray More is not like this.  This book is set apart due to the excellent factual writing. There are constant reminders to include God in the reader's life daily.  Interpretations of the Bible verses bring facts to present day struggles and the answers for the struggles are through prayer, forgiveness, and daily devotion to God.  

If you are choosing between the array of women's devotionals and don't know how to choose, Inscriptions Books recommend Worry Less, Pray More.  

#WorryLessPrayMoreDevotionsforMoms #NetGalley


5-Minute Devotions For Teens

Laura L. Smith


The 5-Minute Devotions for Teens, by Laura Smith, is the perfect guide for teens who are facing the stresses of teenage life.  Short, but emotionally deep, Laura Smith incorporates the Bible with the troubles the reader may be facing.  Smith really can relate to the troubles of teens and knows how to speak to their hearts.  The messages are relayed in short paragraphs so the teen doesn't have to read too much to get to the point.  

I recommend this for a gift for any teen.  I love how it relates directly to them and can be used as a day to day guide, or a reference to a specific problem.  It truly reminds them that in a chaotic world filled with rudeness, that God is always there and will get them through anything as long as they retain their faith and commitment to serving God. 

Great straight read, or reference.  Inscriptions Books recommends!

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