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Book Reviews

Inscriptions Books Review


God Made It All (Paperback)

By Ruthie GodfreyHelen Ayle (Illustrator)

Staff Reviews

Gold Winner ABC Award(Picture Book Category)

This amazing book illustrates the gifts of God all around us with aesthetically appealing art and bright colors!

The style of writing is engaging, and the illustrations bring the meaning of the words to light and to heart.

Any child would want to have this book, not only for the messages within, but to look at the art for hours.  

There is a lot to see, learn and feel in this little book.

Recommended by Inscriptions Books and the ABC Award judges.  

— ABC Award Judge

No! Go! (Paperback)

By Holly Schmidt

Staff Reviews

Gold Winner ABC Award (Children's Fiction 4-7 Category)

This is such a cute book! 
The illustrations are very imperfectly perfect and child-friendly, and they guide the child by example.   
Every child needs limits and guidelines and NO! GO! teaches good and bad actions in an easy-to-understand way. 

Short and sweet, and easy to read.  Perfect for early readers or for a caregiver to read out loud!  
Recommended by Inscriptions Books and ABC Award judges!  

— ABC Award Judge

Animal Atlas (Hardcover)

By Ingela P. ArrheniusIngela P. Arrhenius (Illustrator)

Staff Reviews

ABC Award Gold Winner (Children's non-fiction 4-7 category)
Animal Atlas Pop up makes learning fun!
There are a lot of educational animal facts within the pages. 

Sometimes facts can bore children, but these facts are found within the flaps of fun illustrations. 

Within the illustrations, you will find interactive pop-up critters, doors to open and pictures to move.  

Learning from this book is fun when the child is reading the book themselves or being read to.

There is a lot to see, do and learn within the pages of this book!  

Recommended by Inscriptions Books and ABC Award Judges! 

— ABC Award Judges

Middle Grade Fiction (8-12) Category:

Frankinschool Monster Match by Carin Rivaeneira


Fred is home sick and a school visit from an author results in his signed book being addressed to Frank instead of Fred.  When his friend jokes about how maybe he is only "Frank in school", the name Frankinschool stuck in his head.  Fred falls asleep during class and dreams he is FRANKINSCHOOL, a big green monster!  When the bell rings he is awakened, only to find it was a dream--or was it? 

Recommended by Inscriptions Books and the ABC Award Judges

Yummy: A History of Desserts (A Graphic Novel) (Paperback)

By Victoria Grace Elliott

Staff Reviews

Gold Winner ABC Award Middle Grade (8-12)  Non-fiction Category

Victoria, Grace and Elliott are the fun characters in Yummy.  

This graphic novel has energetic and fun illustrations that appeal to the young reader. 

The characters tell us the history of various foods and there are even recipes for the kids to try.

Educational, entertaining, and intriguing to the young reader. 

This book can make anyone interested in jumping in the kitchen to try a recipe.

The reader can also impress their friends with the fun fats they learn about the food within.

Recommended by Inscriptions Books and ABC Award Judges!

— ABC Award Judge

Picture Book Category:                

Staff Reviews

Runner Up ABC Award Children's Fiction (4-7) Category

Learning phonic sounds and the alphabet can be overwhelming to a small child--so much to remember!  


This book is full of adventures!  The action-packed illustrations bring the letter sounds to life. Each letter has two fun images, one for the lower and one for the upper case.  This is a great learning resource and should be part of all small children's book collections! 

When I Feel, I Go to God (Paperback)

By Kaley Almanza

Staff Reviews

Runner Up ABC Award Children's Fiction (4-7) Category

When I Feel, I Go to God is a very sweet book that teaches a valuable lesson.

No matter what you are doing, no matter where you are, no matter how you feel, you go to God.

This book contains adorable illustrations that illuminate situations children face, and highlight the importance of noticing God in each one.  

All children should learn that no matter what they are facing in this difficult big, scary world, God is bigger and always there for them.

Recommended by Inscriptions Books and ABC Award Judges.

— ABC Award Judge

Supermoms!: Animal Heroes (Hardcover)

By Heather LangJamie HarperJamie Harper (Illustrator)

Staff Reviews

ABC Award Runner Up Children's Non-Fiction (4-7) Category

Moms are great, aren't they?  Supermoms depicts quirky illustrations of animal moms.

The fun illustrations are full of character and show how different moms protect and care for their young.  

Facts are mixed with humor and silly pictures to bring the child into the world of animal moms.

Children can read this to themselves or enjoy it being read to them.  

A perfect blend of silly and factual. 

Recommended by Inscriptions Books and ABC Award judges. 

— ABC Award Judges

Sophie Murphy Does Not Exist (Paperback)

By Tiffany Blanchard

Staff Reviews

ABC Award Runner up Middle Grade (8-12) Fiction Category

Sophie is mourning the loss of her dad.  

She realized her dad, who she believed great things, did not have a page on "Netopedia". 

She went on a mission to find out why and to try new things to become great so she could have a page on "Netopedia".  

Through all her trials and tribulations she learns what the real important things in life are.  

Recommended by Inscriptions Books and ABC Award Judges. 

— ABC Award Judge

Devotions From The Earth Kids Edition - Reptiles & Small Animals (Paperback)

By Linda S. Carter

Staff Reviews

ABC Award Runner Up Middle Grade (8-12) Non-Fiction Category 

Devotions From the Earth (Kids Edition) Reptiles and Small Animals would be a great resource for a child's research assignment on animals.

Full of real photos and detailed facts on animals from Skunks to Toads, this will be a factual favorite of any child who owns this book. 

Fun puzzles and activities are scattered through the pages and bible verses are integrated through the facts.  

This book is fun, educational and wholesome and would make a great addition to your child's personal library.

Recommended by Inscriptions Books and ABC Award Judges. 

— ABC Award Judge

Willowmere (Paperback)

By Andrea Cox Christen

Runner Up ABC Award Middle Grade (8-12) Fiction Category

Recommended by Inscriptions Books and the ABC Award Judges!

— ABC Award Judges

Picture Book Category:                

What? No Easter Eggs? by Janet Stuart

Runner Up ABC Award Picture Book Category

Recommended by Inscriptions Books and the ABC Award Judges!

— ABC Award Judge


The Carpenter and His Bride

Paula K. Parker


Adult Christian Fiction Category!  

The Carpenter and His Bride is a fictional take on the lives of Mary and Joseph and the birth of Jesus. 

Real life facts of Jewish culture and bible facts are intertwined with a fictional storyline.

Paula creates a storyline to fill in the biblical truths surrounding the introduction of Joseph and Mary, their marriage, the announcement of the immaculate conception, the birth of Jesus and more.

Blending bible scriptures with storytelling provides a very entertaining and heartfelt story of Mary and Joseph.

The strong details throughout this book really emphasizes the mental images of the setting and characters.

Informative and captivating read.  

  STAFF PICK and Recommended by the ICBA Panel of Judges

Becoming a Mom

Colleen Turner McGregor


Adult Christian Non-Fiction Category!  

In Becoming a Mom, Colleen shares her tumultuous journey, filled with anticipation, grief, and God's grace.

Colleen knew as a child she was going to grow up and be a mom. 

She prepared herself for motherhood, only to be disappointed when she failed to conceive.  

Becoming a Mom is a devotional, memoir, and journal all in one!

Anyone who is trying to conceive, but is running across numerous challenges during the process will benefit from the positive thoughts throughout this book. 

Losing a child to miscarriage is a painful experience that needs emotional support.  This book not only covers the inability to conceive, but also the pain of miscarriage.

Happiness and joy thrive throughout the anticipation and grief.  This book is an aid to overcoming grief and a light to the darkness of doubt.  

  STAFF PICK and Recommended by the ICBA Panel of Judges!

Van Horn

Jim Sano


Adult Christian Fiction Category!  

Jack Russo's wife was murdered and his baby daughter was kidnapped.  

After the dreadful night, Jack Russo spent the next 20 years on a mission to find his daughter.  

Traveling through Texas and Mexico, Jack runs across many sketchy scenarios and life-threatening situations.

When he runs across Siena, they begin to unravel all the clues that haunted him since that dreaded night in Boston.

As they investigate each clue, they encounter violent people who are desperate to hide the truth, so much they are ready to kill anyone who tries to uncover it.  

Action, adventure, mystery, all entangled with forgiveness, faith, and love--Van Horn is a worthwhile, fulfilling book. 

  STAFF PICK and Recommended by the ICBA Panel of Judges!

Stolen Blessing

Jim Sano


Adult Christian Fiction Category!  

This is the third book in the Father Tom Series.

A baptism. A kidnapping.  Twin brothers who love the same woman.  Only one was married to her.  

After the baptism of Elizabeth, Erick, the father of the baby was knocked out, and Elizabeth went missing.  

Where is Elizabeth?  Is she o.k.?  What was the motive, and who was involved? 

Fr. Tom helps investigate the many clues.  The reader will never guess the ending of this book.

Stolen Blessing is an adventure that follows clues, and contains so many twists and turns, it makes it difficult to put the book down.  

Trust, faith, and forgiveness are takeaways, as well as many other valuable lessons.  

Things are not always what they appear to be. 

  STAFF PICK and Recommended by the ICBA Panel of Judges!

Come to the Table

Diem Burden


Young Adult Christian Non-Fiction Category!  

Diem, a lifelong avowed atheist was a lost sheep.

This true story is a story about how Diem refused to accept God as the answer for anything.  After months of investigating a logical answer to what was happening in Diem's life, he encounters many scenarios that whither away at him until he finally surrenders to God and all his glory.  This book is written through journal entries from October 2020 to September 2021, starting with darkness and leading into light.  

Join the transformation in Diem's life and learn that when God shines a light in your life, don't question it, but absorb it in, crave more and never stop accepting him.  Learn through the struggles and lessons Diem learned in this book, and open your mind and soul to the only answer there is for anything in life:  God. 

This book is touching, as it relates to many of the emotions we feel as humans in the world today.  Dissolve the bitterness with this touching testimony of how God touches our lives, we just need to realize it. 

  STAFF PICK and Recommended by the ICBA Panel of Judges!

Lightning Butterflies

Rev. James Darnell, Jr. 


Young Adult Christian Fiction Category!  

Rev. James Darnell, Jr. spent his life traveling with his missionary parents to Africa.  This fictional book contains remnants of real life situations, intertwined with fictional flair in order to create a very unique story.  Some things you wouldn't think were true, were and other things you would think were true, weren't.  

The imaginative journey this story takes the reader on is one worth going on.  This is unlike any book, and through even the oddest parts, God is still the lesson within each fictional experience.    When you think your day is a bit tough, read how the characters in Lightning Butterflies encountered a Puff Adder, a Green Mamba and Army Ants, and suddenly your day is put into perspective and it doesn't look as bad as originally thought.  

The cultural rituals and beliefs of the African setting really stand out and form a unique framework for this entertaining Christian book about salvation.  

  STAFF PICK and Recommended by the ICBA Panel of Judges!


Rhoda Preston


Adult Christian Non-Fiction Category!  

Rhoda Preston teaches us about the grace of God in this thorough and refreshing book.

Every situation gives an example of God's grace and incorporates how the human race thirsts for something in each scenario. As Rhoda writes, you feel as though you are listening to a wise friend giving advice on every life question you have.  Personal thoughts are intertwined with life situations and biblical scripture to paint a mental and emotional image of how God provides us grace when we thirst for him and seek him.  When we have everything we think we want, and feel like we still want more, that is thirst, and seeking God is the only way to quench it.  

Complete with drink recipes for every chapter, this book can quench your thirst for faith, becoming closer to God, and any physical thirst you have as well.  

  STAFF PICK and Recommended by the ICBA Panel of Judges!

God is Good

Margaret Liu Collins


Adult Christian Non-Fiction Category!  

Margaret Liu Collins is living an extraordinary life.  Her life is never perfect, or easy. 

Although she has been through many tragedies, she portrays her stories of how God strengthened her.  Through her trials, Margaret kept her faith and her chit chats with God.  Margaret doesn't want people to think of this as a memoir since so much of this is not about her specifically, but how God guided her life.  Her path was paved to get through all bad situations and she came out in the end with huge blessings waiting.  

Patience, faith, persistence, prayer, and solitude are all shown through various situations in Margaret's life, no matter how bad or scary it was.  Read this powerful book to gain an understanding of how to strengthen your faith and courage when you feel most like giving up.  God is Good is inspiring and teaches us that we can do all thing through God, who strengthens us.

  STAFF PICK and Recommended by the ICBA Panel of Judges!


Jim Sano


Young Adult Christian Fiction Category!  

Gus Busbi is book two of the Father Tom Fitzpatrick Series, written by Jim Sano.  

Jim Sano brings forth two very opposite characters, Jamiel and Gus Busbi, and brings them together to create an unforgiveable story of forgiveness.  Jamiel is a young teen from the Boston Projects, and Gus Busbi is an old, cranky Italian man who is losing faith in life and everything in it.  When Gus rents out his house to Jamiel's mom, who moved to create a better life for Jamiel, life begins to change for both Gus and Jamiel.  

Jamiel needs help after being tempted by social pressure of local gangs and he turns to his school Chaplain (Fr. Tom).  Fr. Tom guides Jamiel to help around Gus' house.  Gus and Jamiel both learn valuable lessons in real-life topics like violence and bigotry as well as kindness, caring and mercy.   Although this is a fiction, the situations are realistic and are relatable by many people in today's society. 

Jim Sano took two completely different types of people and brought them together to teach lessons of life, love, forgiveness and God, without being preachy.  Very well written and so description it can be envisioned while reading. 

  STAFF PICK and Recommended by the ICBA Panel of Judges!


Dr. H. Irving Wilson


Adult Christian Non-Fiction Category!  

Marriage, although a wonderful blessing, can be quite challenging at times.  Since no two people are exactly the same, it is natural that conflicts can occur.  

Dr. H. Irving Wilson delves into the meaning of marital oneness through the words of scripture.  While most people think marriage is a union of two, it is actually begins as a union of three.  The union of three consists of the husband, the wife, and God. The husband and wife become one through God.   Without God, nothing is possible and with God, all things are possible.  In order for a marriage to withstand the stresses of life, the marriage must stand on the firm foundation of God.  

Although the first miracle of Jesus occurred at the Wedding in Cana, this was not the first wedding.  God performed the first wedding in Genesis 2:22-24 when he created Adam and Eve and united them as one.  

In this amazing book, all aspects of marriage are discussed through the advice of a Pastoral Counselor and Marriage & Family Life Coach, and researched through the words of God.  Learn how to serve God by serving each other in marriage.  When the husband and wife faithfully and selflessly give to each other and obey the commandments of God, God blesses the marriage and strengthens the bond. Happiness and Longevity can go hand in hand when the keys to marital success are followed.   The Pursuit of Marriage Oneness is a great reference to always have on hand when things get bumpy, and just to read as a reminder of God's purpose for your life, marriage and love.  

  STAFF PICK and Recommended by the ICBA Panel of Judges!


Rev. Jim Darnell, Jr. 


Young Adult Christian Non-Fiction Category!  

Life is full of uncomfortable situations that may cause a person to question the validity of God or the reasons behind their pain. BECAUSE OF YOU, I LOST EVERYTHING is full of true stories about Rev. Jim Darnell Jr. and his missions in Africa with his Father.  Through scriptures and personal stories, it becomes evident that only when everything is lost, can we truly find God.  Rev. Jim Darnell counts more than 62 churches across Africa, South America, and North America that his parents physically created themselves. Jim's entire life was spent watching God work miracles in the lives of people across the world. 

Through The missionaries, Jim learned at a young age to live for God and spread love like Christ.  His father taught that a life lived for personal dreams is a selfish, un-Godly life that leads to soul poverty.  Also, getting saved quickly in the end, only to die "safely", is not the purpose for salvation--The purpose for salvation, according to Rev. James Darnell is to live a life for God and only God and only then is true salvation present.  When salvation is rushed on a dying person, they never experience the joys God provides the souls when salvation is part of life.  

Today, people work all day, spend most of their time away from family, come home to their big houses full of endless comfort and convenience and keep wanting more.  Many of these people endlessly buy and want more, yet never feel fulfilled.  BECAUSE OF YOU, I LOST EVERYTHING strips down the human lifestyle to a bare minimum.  It shows that life is not about the material items surrounding a person, but how they live for others and fill their soul with love from God.  Only then will they be fulfilled. Losing everything is really losing nothing, but gaining everything through God and his salvation. 

Rev. Jim Darnell, Sr., may he rest in peace, carried forth God's values to Rev. Jim Darnell, Jr. and the lessons learned in Jim's entire lifetime are passed on in BECAUSE OF YOU, I LOST EVERYTHING.  Worth the read!  

  STAFF PICK and Recommended by the ICBA Panel of Judges!


Douglas J. Wemple


Adult Christian Fiction Category!  

Because we are humans, most of us at some point have let a bad situation form a black hole in our soul.  No matter what happens in life, that black hole lingers, creating a constant aura of anger in our demeanor.  Joy is slowly replaced with anger and love eventually becomes drowned by grudges.  Day by day, we transition into a dark shadow of our old selves, seeing only bad in the world until happiness becomes darkened by anger.

In Something We Never Imagined, Colton made the same mistake.  Overtaken by a previous unfavorable life experience, Colton walked around angry at the world.  He focused so much on his own feelings that he neglected the people who loved him the most.  When Colton impatiently waited for his coffee, he made snide comments about his wait to a stranger in line, named Emma Lee.  Emma Lee was kind but taken aback by the rudeness of this man. Colton finally received his coffee, only to find his order was incorrectly made, then became arrogant at the Barista.  Colton left a first impression on Emma Lee that was less than favorable.  

Due to an unplanned consequence, Colton and Emma Lee find themselves facing each other, again, but this time, it is not at the coffee shop.   Each day brings Emma Lee and Colton closer and they become good friends. Colton questions Emma Lee's faith and deep inside he believes he can get her to be more like him.  Emma Lee has other plans and encourages Colton to face his past and move forward by forgiving and letting his anger go.  Before he does that, he must first find a tiny seed of faith.  He begins his journey to find God, and move forward through forgiveness.  When his faith is once again tested, Colton must choose between his past life of anger or the new path of forgiveness.  Once he realized his heart was forever changed by God, through Emma Lee, he knew what choice he had to make. 

Something We Never Imagined reaches into your soul and warms even the deepest parts.  Anyone can love this book--from non-believers to believers and everyone in between.  

  STAFF PICK and Recommended by the ICBA Panel of Judges!


John W. Bullock


Adult Christian Non-Fiction Category!  

In a world where people walk blindly, guided by their selfish impulses and desires, John W. Bullock turns on the light of God.

Instead of seeing the obedience of God as a burden, SEEING WITH FRESH EYES gently removes the blindfold of the reader to the truth.  Through scripture and detailed instruction,  we are shown how to remove ourselves from the Kingdom of Self and place ourselves on a path to the Kingdom of God.  Bullock states, " If we were created to find our life, purpose, and the light in the Father then being blind to him is our greatest disaster."  

John W. Bullock dives deep into the beginning of humanity's descent into sin in The Garden of Eden, and brings us out through the word of salvation and how to achieve a deep, personal relationship with God.   This book cannot be called a "religious" book.  Religion focuses on manmade beliefs and rules.  SEEING WITH FRESH EYES focuses on the beauty and forgiveness of God and opens the mind to not only understanding the written information but wanting to know more.  Because walking in the light of God is an ongoing commitment, SEEING WITH FRESH EYES is a key to open your heart and mind to the pathway to the Kingdom of God. Read this book and open the bible, and God will guide your way. 

  STAFF PICK and Recommended by the ICBA Panel of Judges!

Net Galley Reviews


Craig Morgan

Reviewed By Andrea Comparato

Craig Morgan brings us to a better time in the history of America. Descriptive situations of his childhood, family life and ways God shined light on him through the years, opens the reader's hearts and eyes to the important things, and brings the focus on God--because He ultimately was the root of all good in Craig Morgan's life.

Reading this places you back to a simple time and reveals how Craig's talents were so obvious that he was able to hit the Country charts without any modern technology or social media. Though wisdom, faith, prayer, patience, and learning what not to do through the mistakes of others, Craig Morgan gained momentum in his career, family, and life. This man is more than just a guy that sings, and his story is more than music.

From childhood to military service, medals of honor, to mission trips, to celebrity meets, The Grand Ole Opry, and even encounters with a wolf--through it all, Craig remains close to God, family and country.

Inscriptions Books recommends this book! #NetGalley  #GodFamilyCountry 


Carey Scott

Reviewed By Andrea Comparato

Sweet book with pretty flowers on each page. The style of this book makes it easy to read, and the thoughts are nice, but not 100% accurate with the meanings in the bible. 

Although this is a great feel-good book, if you are looking reality, this is not the place to go.  Nevertheless, She was Blessed makes it sound like you are special just because you were born, and that anything you do is accepted by God, when the bible states clearly that you have to live for God, live righteously, include him in all your actions, have faith in Him, and follow the rules of God in every moment. In order to be forgiven, you have to ask through prayer, repent, change your ways, and completely and live for God in all ways with complete faith, or your future will hold unpleasant warnings to show you are not on the right track.  

This is a sweet book that is recommended for someone who has deep knowledge of the bible, but not as a guide for a new-coming Christian.  Great motivational read if you need a quick pick me up, but don't take her verse translations completely to heart unless you are already truly living a christian life.  Not everyone is a child of God, and although we can become children of God, it takes more than just a light-hearted book--it takes a life long commitment to God and his laws of life. 

I recommend for light-hearted words, not life advice. #NetGalley #Neverthelessshewasblessed

See the Good

Zach Windahl

Reviewed By Andrea Comparato

Zach Windahl came off in the first few pages as sort of arrogant and self-centered.  Maybe it was just me.  

HOWEVER--as I kept reading, I felt he did that to get our attention.  See the Good takes society's negative misconceptions of the world and pulls out positivity in every situation.  As my first impression of Zach was negative, I kept reading and began seeing the positive.  Although he seemed to idolize a man because he could cook, I tried to get past some things that went against my personal beliefs.  By the end of this book, I enjoyed getting to know his opinions and he has a way of opening your eyes to the positive side of life.  

Although I don't agree with all of his thoughts, I still respect the fact that he is trying to spread the word of God through his story.

Slow start, but overall good read.  
I recommend this for anyone who needs to find good in a seemingly bad world. #NetGalley #SeeTheGood

Big Trouble Ahead

Allen Jackson

Reviewed By Andrea Comparato

Take a bathroom break, get in your cozy clothes, take one last bathroom trip and get nestled in--you won't want to put this down!  

Pastor Allen Jackson uses real life situations from the past, and present to prepare us for the future.  Big Trouble Ahead is a meld of biblical readings and real-life happenings, with analyzed  meanings and reasons behind America's constant decline. 

In the midst of the troubles, Jackson teaches us how we can survive these unpleasant times by creating a Christian lifestyle.  Pure facts, and not lectures open the reader to a brighter future and bring light to an otherwise dark path. 

If you dread the future and want a plan on how to face it, this is the book to read.  Big Trouble Ahead is a perfect blend of biblical facts, lessons from past tragedies. and preparation techniques,  This is a great read for anyone who wants a guide to how imperfect humans can turn their future into an endless eternity with God. 

#netgalley #bigtroubleahead #allenJackson

The Care and Keeping of Grandmas

Jennifer Mook-Sang   Yong Ling Kang

Reviewed By Inscriptions Books

The Care & Keeping of Grandmas is a cute book with more pictures than words.  
The story is definitely aimed at pre-school-aged children (and younger), as it is very simple and short. 
Cute watercolor-style illustrations are abundant.
The story concept is cute, as it can be relatable for children who have a grandmother living with them. 
Unique, cute concept. 
Limited word count would normally make this type of book an easy reader, but large words make this a read-to me book instead.
Overall, this is a cute, quick read for parents of little kids. 
I recommend this for parents to read to children under 5. 

#jennifermooksang #netgalley #thecareandkeepingofgrandmas

Quiet-Time Prayers for a Girl's Heart

Hilary Bernstein

Quiet-Time Prayers for a Girl's Heart by Hilary Bernstein is a very well written book for kids and teens.  The book states it is for girls, but honestly, the advice given within can be read and used daily by any reader.  

Hilary takes specific verses from the Bible and creates a small mini-prayer.  Combining a bible verse with a mini-prayer relates the reader's current life to God, and brings the Bible into easy to understand light.  

The fun font that was used to create the headings, in addition to the quirky, hand-drawn floral sketches give this book a child-like and teen feel.  The writing style, fun font, and easy to understand information truly brings the young reader closer to God, and does so in a way that is inviting and appealing to the eye.  

Some children, and even adults have trouble opening their mind to the grammatical height of the bible, but Hilary Bernstein solves this dilemma. 

Inscriptions Books recommends Quiet-Time Prayers for a Girl's Heart as an important resource for bringing more youth closer to living God's way. 

#netgalley #quiettimeprayers #HilaryBernstein

Worry Less, Pray More

Donna Maltese

Donna Maltese follows the same format as a lot of the other devotionals I have read--pretty floral pages, containing a bible verse and a blurb below it, stating how this verse will help their day/life.  

Although the format may match others, this one is a one of the better devotionals I have seen.  Many other devotionals pretend everyone is instantly forgiven, no matter the acts, or lack of faith and prayer--just because you were born.  Worry Less, Pray More is not like this.  This book is set apart due to the excellent factual writing. There are constant reminders to include God in the reader's life daily.  Interpretations of the Bible verses bring facts to present day struggles and the answers for the struggles are through prayer, forgiveness, and daily devotion to God.  

If you are choosing between the array of women's devotionals and don't know how to choose, Inscriptions Books recommend Worry Less, Pray More.  

#WorryLessPrayMoreDevotionsforMoms #NetGalley

5-Minute Devotions For Teens

Laura L. Smith

The 5-Minute Devotions for Teens, by Laura Smith, is the perfect guide for teens who are facing the stresses of teenage life. Short, but emotionally deep, Laura Smith incorporates the Bible with the troubles the reader may be facing. Smith really can relate to the troubles of teens and knows how to speak to their hearts. The messages are relayed in short paragraphs so the teen doesn't have to read too much to get to the point. I recommend this for a gift for any teen. I love how it relates directly to them and can be used as a day to day guide, or a reference to a specific problem. It truly reminds them that in a chaotic world filled with rudeness, that God is always there and will get them through anything as long as they retain their faith and commitment to serving God. Great straight read, or reference. Inscriptions Books recommends!

#5minuteDevotionsforteens #NetGalley