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Dear Business Person,

Books are gifts that keep on giving.  Books educate, enlighten, inspire, and provoke discussion.  Inscriptions Books is always here for businesses that want to buy books in bulk.  Whether rewarding a department, acknowledging a client, or inspiring your employees to perform and learn, we can give you suggestions, special pricing, and custom product recommendations to meet your needs.

Inscriptions Books wants to be your source for books--whether you’re buying one book at a time or in bulk.  We know you can purchase books anywhere, but we hope you'll consider that when you buy books from your local bookseller, Inscriptions Books, you can often get the same pricing, lower shipping costs, and support local businesses--thus keeping a town thriving. 

As always, we offer the convenience of ordering online, but you can also call/email the store directly to get quotes and delivery information.  Our turnaround time for pricing is typically within a few hours, and we'll make sure to get your books delivered as soon as possible.  

Some of our recent clients include travel agents, realtors, church groups, coaches, leadership educators, graduation and guidance counselors, teachers, and financial planners.  

Training, development, and life events are more enduring with the gift of a book, and Inscriptions would like to help you make a lasting impression by providing the books.


Andrea Comparato
Inscriptions Books & More

Bulk Audiobook Sales

Unlock the potential of your employees by equipping them with business-relevant audiobooks.  Through Libro.fm, your employees can get the audio resources they need to perform asy required task. Libro.fm has a business relationship with Inscriptions Books, your company can choose to support Inscriptions Books with each audiobook purchase. To get more information about this program, click HERE