Come to the Table

Come to the Table

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Young Adult Christian Non-Fiction Category!  

This is the remarkable true story of how a lifelong, uncompromising atheist, who absolutely hated anything to do with religion, encounters God, much to his surprise.
Only when the heart has pure loved poured endlessly into it, and only when the brain is so overwhelmed by the love overflowing from that heart, can the brain no longer deny what is clear. Then, and only then, can the truth be accepted by the unwilling.

  • He wasn't seeking God
  • He wasn't depressed
  • He wasn't 'brainwashed'

After a brief visit to an abandoned monastery, the author experiences something so new and frightening that he initially believes he is about to die. Within hours, a unique and intense joy floods his very being. During the following days, he accepts that the surging 'feeling' within him is supernatural, 'but it isn't God, because God does not exist.'
Over the next three-months, his life changes in ways he couldn't have imagined. Weird and inexplicable 'co-incidences' mark his path to the ultimate conclusion.

This is a story of immeasurable love, of enduring forgiveness, and of total redemption. It is a story of remarkable change in one unsuspecting man's life.

It is the greatest love story ever told, and it is a love story that is happening every single day.

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life."
-John 3:16



Diem, a lifelong avowed atheist was a lost sheep.

This true story is a story about how Diem refused to accept God as the answer for anything.  After months of investigating a logical answer to what was happening in Diem's life, he encounters many scenarios that whither away at him until he finally surrenders to God and all his glory.  This book is written through journal entries from October 2020 to September 2021, starting with darkness and leading into light.  

Join the transformation in Diem's life and learn that when God shines a light in your life, don't question it, but absorb it in, crave more and never stop accepting him.  Learn through the struggles and lessons Diem learned in this book, and open your mind and soul to the only answer there is for anything in life:  God. 

This book is touching, as it relates to many of the emotions we feel as humans in the world today.  Dissolve the bitterness with this touching testimony of how God touches our lives, we just need to realize it. 

yes  STAFF PICK and Recommended by the ICBA Panel of Judges!