We're so glad you visited our store "room" that celebrates you!

We love educators and have created a few things to help you in your profession. Inscriptions offers several school-related opportunities for SCHOOLS, TEACHERS, and STUDENTS.


Bulk Sales & Educator Discounts

Inscriptions offers discounts and bulk sales for the classroom. If you work for a school and pay for books with your institutional funds (i.e. school check or procurement card), you receive a discount and the books are tax-free. To provide this, we need your school’s tax ID number.  We have competitive prices on all your educational purchases, and we offer competitive pricing on bulk orders for your classroom or school.

For personal purchases, see the TEACHERS section below.


Educator Discounts

Contact us with your school email to receive a permanent educator discount code!  Send an email to:


We have a monthly newsletter for teachers to get the most up to date announcements on all the wonderful new books for classrooms. The Book Buzz is delivered on the second Wednesday, and includes educational materials on featured books every month, links to interesting information, as well as information on upcoming events, book groups, etc. You can sign up HERE.

Free ALCs each Month from Libro!  

We want to thank teachers for the role they play in your community and spread awareness about how audiobooks can be purchased through Inscriptions Books .

ALC (Audiobook Listening Copies) are FREE!  These are free ebooks that allow educators to listen to books before using them for classroom use!  

Every month, you will get new ALC options for FREE! 

Sign up here:

For printable ALC information Click HERE

Classroom Reading

We can help procure classroom sets for in-class use. Depending on the quantity ordered, we offer discounts for students classroom books!


The Summer Reading Discount Code KIDSREAD can be used until August 25, up to 10 times per address for an additional  10% discount!