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Inscriptions does book reviews!

Inscriptions Books values authors and their books.

We know reviews are important to give other readers a sneak peek into the book through another reader's eyes!

You are unlikely to get your self-ublished book in libraries or bookstores without a book review.  

This is a great investment for your book's future!

If you would like a book review, complete the application.



If we accept your book for review, you will be sent a link to pay and information of how to get your book to us.

If we do not accept the book for review, an email will be sent letting you know.

Due to the amount of book review requests we receive, we cannot accept all books for review.


Review Pricing is below:

  • Adult Fiction $125
  • Adult Christian Fiction $125
  • Adult Non-Fiction $150
  • Adult Christian Non-Fiction $150
  • Children's Fiction Chapter Book $75
  • Children's Non-Fiction $75
  • Children's Christian Fiction Chapter Book $75
  • Children's Christian Non-Fiction $75
  • Picture Book $50
  • YA Fiction $100
  • YA Non-Fiction $125
  • YA Christian Fiction $125
  • YA Christian Non-Fiction $150

You can upgrade!  For an additional $100, we will put your book with review and purchase link on front page of Inscriptions Books for 1 month!

If you are requesting a book genre that is not on the list, it will be considered and priced accordingly. (Price will be based on prices of other genres and the complexity of the book)

We will respond very soon to let you know of our decision.

Thank you for requesting a book review from Inscriptions Books!

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