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Seeing With Fresh Eyes: Sin, Salvation, and the Steadfast Love of God

Seeing With Fresh Eyes: Sin, Salvation, and the Steadfast Love of God

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Publication Date: December 1st, 2020
Redemption Press
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Adult Christian Non-Fiction Category!  






John W. Bullock


Adult Christian Non-Fiction Category!  

In a world where people walk blindly, guided by their selfish impulses and desires, John W. Bullock turns on the light of God.

Instead of seeing the obedience of God as a burden, SEEING WITH FRESH EYES gently removes the blindfold of the reader to reveal the truth.  Through scripture and detailed instruction,  we are shown how to remove ourselves from the Kingdom of Self and place ourselves on a path to the Kingdom of God.  Bullock states, " If we were created to find our life, purpose, and the light in the Father then being blind to him is our greatest disaster."  

John W. Bullock dives deep into the beginning of humanity's descent into sin in The Garden of Eden, and brings us out through the word of salvation and how to achieve a deep, personal relationship with God.   This book cannot be called a "religious" book.  Religion focuses on manmade beliefs and rules.  SEEING WITH FRESH EYES focuses on the beauty and forgiveness of God and opens the mind to not only understanding the written information but wanting to know more.  Because walking in the light of God is an ongoing commitment, SEEING WITH FRESH EYES is a key to open your heart and mind to the pathway to the Kingdom of God. Read this book and open the bible, and God will guide your way. 

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Reading this book by John Bullock is like getting together with an old friend. You will be encouraged and enriched. This is more than a good read; it is a roadmap to an awesome life. ―Chaplain W. T. Permenter, LTC, USA, Retired


Do you long to know God? Not just head knowledge, but to really know God the way Moses did? Are you willing to risk what you think you know about God to dig deeper into His Word? In Seeing with Fresh Eyes, John Bullock dares to ask the hard questions-and lets the Bible answer them without preconceived impressions.


In this journey to deeper faith, in which no sincere query is off the table, the author approaches Scripture as though having never read it before and leads the reader beyond the familiar to new insights into how amazing, personal, and real God is. In Seeing with Fresh Eyes readers will discover that


  • God is more good than they've been told,
  • His salvation is more thorough than imagined, and
  • the source of all truth is God, who unlocks wisdom, life, and freedom for all who search with an open heart


Bullock writes for Christians longing for a deeper relationship with God-those who are willing to risk what they think they know to discover what the Bible really says. He also speaks to those who have become disenchanted with the Christianity they see around them that doesn't match what the Bible describes. Beginning in Genesis, Bullock wrestles with his questions and digs deep to uncover scriptural truths. Seeing with Fresh Eyes is a thought-provoking read suitable for personal or group study.